New technologies also bring new dangers

The development of the lithium battery has made it possible to manufacture lightweight and powerful batteries.
In the case of fires of e-driven vehicles or fires of battery storage facilities, the fire behavior differs from that of gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. In the case of battery fires, flammable gases are produced, which lead to small explosions or a strong development of heat. In general, the resulting fire gases and smoke from battery fires are very aggressive and toxic.

The function of a battery is based on chemical reactions. If water is used to extinguish or cool a fire, this extinguishing water is converted to acid / lye (to a greater or lesser extent). With the firefighting robot LUF 60, the fire can be cooled by the efficient use of water mist and thus the spread of the fire can be contained.

Less extinguishing water also means less contaminated extinguishing water, which is harmful to the environment or the sewer system.

Statistically, most fires of vehicles with electric drive occur due to accidents / crashes or during the charging process. In the event of a fire, the protection and safety of the emergency services has the highest priority.

The firefighting robot LUF 60 enables emergency services to bring fires under control from a safe distance and to extinguish or cool them.

Technical data and reports

length2.330 (mm)
width1.350 (mm)
Height (fan pipe in parking position)2.000 (mm)
Height (fan pipe extended)2.500 (mm)
weight2.200 (kg)

diesel engineJohn Deere 140 HP (104 kW)
 4-cylinder, water-cooled
diesel tank60 litres
hydraulic tank40 litres
driving speedmax 4,5 km/h
water pump2-stage centrifugal pump,
 Bronze / stainless steel,
 1,000 litres/min at 15 bar pressure increase or 10 bar
water cannon360 nozzles 15-20 bar, hydr. height adjustable, water flow rate
 max 400 litres/min, throwing distance 60 m,
 3" water connection in the centre of the fire cannon
ventilator35 kW, volume flow 90,000 m³/h,
 165 km/h
water feed3 x B-Storz with non-return valve and 6 mm pre-filter
water filters100 mic, Edelstahl
HD connectionPN 40
work lamps2 pieces (standard) 24V, 35W HI Beam Xenon headlamp
climbing ability30° - Stairs and ramps
remote controlRange approx. 300 m

Reports of battery fires
Large fire caused by electric buses in Hanover 05.06.21
Large fire caused by electric buses in Hanover 05.06.21
How the fire brigade extinguishes burning e-cars (german)
How the fire brigade extinguishes burning e-cars (german)
LUF 60 Helikopter
Brand Bruchsal LUF 60 Löschroboter
FF Mooskirchen LUF 60 Einschulung LKW Drohne
FF Mooskirchen LUF 60 Löschen Auto
FF Mooskirchen LUF 60 Löschen Auto Uebung
FF Mooskirchen LUF 60 Spray Wasserwerfer
LUF_60_Zusatz_Luefter (2)
LUF_60_Zusatz_Luefter (1)
FF Mooskirchen LUF 60 LKW 2
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