LUF H2O WATER PUMP SYSTEM - Field of application

With the H2O water pump module system, it is possible for rescue workers to easily and quickly build a water supply, even in difficult-to-reach extraction points. 

This device is not only used to supply fire engines but is also used in floods to pump out underground garages and large cellars as quickly as possible. The fully mechanical control provides a trouble-free operation of the machine.  The system is motorised with a 100hp (73kW) strong and robust diesel engine.

Thanks to flexible transport options either by forklift or crane, the modular system can be positioned in difficult-to-reach areas and put into operation immediately with the water pump.  The compact dimensions of the modular system make it possible to transport it on almost any loading area of a van or trailer.

With the continuously variable control of the water pump, a capacity of up to 9000 litres of water per minute can be achieved.

Technical data

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