Long-distance water supply GP-12000

Basic set-up:
Two oil-hydraulically operated floating pumps are set down in the water and transport approx. 11,000 litres of water per minute (per floating pump approx. 5,500 litres of water per minute) at 2.5 bar over a distance of up to 60 metres to a booster pump on the mainland. The booster pump transports these 11,000 litres of water per minute at 12 bar over a distance of 6 km in a Ø300 mm hose to its destination.


Configuration options GP-12000:

Configuration 1:
After the water transport with the first booster pump over 6km, as described in the basic set-up, a second booster pump can be used to transport the water even further. This means that 11,000 litres of water per minute can be supplied over a distance of 12 km.

Configuration 2:
It is also possible to connect two independent units of the pump container in parallel. This means that 4 oil-hydraulic floating pumps and 2 booster pumps are used, which means that 22,000 litres of water per minute can be transported over 6 km in two Ø300 mm hoses to the destination.


A visual representation of the set-up and the different configurations, as well as technical details can be found in the info folder.

The GP-12000 can also be used in combination with the LUF Multi. Hereby the LUF Multi is used for laying hose, hose collecting and as a booster pump.

Technical data


Accessories: HOSE BRIDGE

Maximum hose diameter 12 inches (310 mm)
For axle loads up to 10 tons

Wasserversorgung China Schlauchmaterial im Container_1920
Wasserversorgung China Schlauch ausgelegt_1920
Wasserversorgung China Schlauchbrücke_1920
Wasserversorgung China LUF Multi Schlauch sammeln_1920
Wasserversorgung China LUF Multi am Schlauch wickeln_1920
Wasserversorgung China LUF Multi_1920
Wasserversorgung China Container angeschlossen_1920
Wasserversorgung China Container angeschlossen LUF Multi_1920
Wasserversorgung China LKWs in Thüringen_1920
Wasserversorgung China LKW Equipment_1920
Wasserversorgung China Container geöffnet_1920
Wasserversorgung China Container abgeladen_1920
Wasserversorgung Audi Schlauch Kästen-min_1920
Wasserversorgung Audi LUF Multi Treppe_1920
Wasserversorgung Audi LUF Multi Fluss_1920
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