Underground garage fire on New Year’s Eve

Underground garage on fire in Germany - 600.000€ damage

A stray firework was probably the cause: An underground parking garage near Stuttgart in Germany was on fire. Residents tried to save their cars. The police are investigating.

Six cars and a scooter were destroyed by the flames, according to the police. When they noticed the fire shortly after 1 a.m., residents initially tried to drive their cars into the open air.
The dense smoke made this undertaking life-threatening: the emergency services had to rescue one person from his vehicle in the underground car park. A total of three people were taken to hospitals for suspected smoke intoxication.

In the fight against the flames, the fire department also used a firefighting robot to reach the source of the fire: The Leonberg Fire Department brought the LUF 60 to the scene. After more than two hours, the fire was extinguished.