Großbrand Recyclinganlage

Renewed flair up of extinguished recycling plant

A large fire occurred in a recycling plant in the night of Friday, 14.10.2022. More than 100 forces were deployed for several hours. The fire object was the same company in which a major fire had already broken out on 5.10.2022 (see first link below).

The fire alarm system triggered the alarm at the fire and rescue control center at around 0:35 am. Initially, units from fire and rescue station and the operations control service went to the recycling plant. The fire had spread over three floors of the recycling plant, and a lot of smoke was produced. Thus the coworkers of the control center set also immediately a population warning off due to the smoke. The hall was already in danger of collapse after the first major fire.

The firefighting robot (LUF 60), commissioned by the Bremen-Seehausen Volunteer Fire Department, was also used. Advantages: Large quantities of extinguishing water could be spread and finely atomized via the LUF. In addition, the tracked vehicle could be remotely controlled into the scene without having to send people into the area at risk of collapse. For the inspection of the hall roof, the telecopic mast of the Daimler plant fire department arrived, as it had done a few days earlier.