Large fire of a sawmill

Self-ignition triggers fire in former sawmill

A fire in a former sawmill hall in Styria (Austria) caused damage worth millions. The fire had broken out at around 0:30 a.m. in the hall, which was partly built of wood; several people had seen the flames and notified the fire departments. Despite the deployment of several fire brigades, it was not possible to completely prevent the fire from spreading to other halls and outbuildings, which were also badly affected.

According to the emergency services, the heat development was enormous, even fire hoses were damaged. A nearby river only had low water levels due to the drought that had lasted for days beforehand, which is why it was not possible to lay a pipeline - therefore, tankers brought the extinguishing water to the fire site in shuttle traffic. The Mooskirchen fire department was in action with the LUF 60 firefighting robot.