Large fire in Austrian company

Large fire with heavy smoke development in Linz (Austria)

On April 10, 2022, a major fire occurred in a company in the city of Enns. The Enns Volunteer Fire Department was alerted by the provincial warning center. Due to further unknown damage and the strong smoke development, alarm level 2 was triggered. The extinguishing work turned out to be extremely complex because the fire spread in the insulation area of the external metal cladding and the roof of the company.

In the meantime, the emergency forces had to temporarily withdraw and the command center was relocated to another site. In the late morning hours, further fire departments were called in and thus alert level 3 was declared.

There were 19 fire departments in action with 51 vehicles, in addition 2 LUF 60 (fire-fighting robots) and 1 large-capacity ventilator. The response forces of the emergency organizations amounted to over 225 people. A respiratory protection personnel was injured in the foot area and was transported to the hospital by ambulance for monitoring.