Large fire destroys barn with photovoltaic system

Fire destroys barn in Friesoythe (Germany): 600,000 euros damage

On June 24th, 2021, at about 4:45 a large fire had to be fought. In addition to the local fire departments, the technical units: firefighting robot LUF 60, drone and the ABC service, as well as the rescue service were involved. A barn building caught fire for a yet unknown reason, and the column of smoke could be seen for kilometers.

There was a high property damage, people and animals were not injured. An nearby residential house and barn building could be saved. After about 4 hours, the firebrigades left the location. The cleanup and the establishment of readiness of the vehicles lasted another hour. The Friesoythe fire department was in action with 7 vehicles, and a total of about 120 firefighters were involved in the extinguishing work.