LUF Micro shipped to Singapore

In 2022 26 LUF Micro firefighting robots were shipped to Singapore

The machines are used in narrow buildings in Singapore, which are difficult to access with conventional/heavy fire fighting robots.
The LUF Micro with dimensions of 1290mm x 800mm (LxW) is able to reach the source of the fire in high-rise buildings with the help of elevators.
The cooling capacity results in less damage to the building structure, e.g. in high-rise fires. The LUF Micro convinces with very high extinguishing efficiency due to finely distributed water mist.

For smaller fires, the LUF-Micro can extinguish the fire with its high-pressure extinguishing gun (30 l/min at 180 bar). The machine has a built-in water tank (45 liters) and a built-in foam agent tank (8 liters).
Larger fires can be extinguished with the built-in remote controlled monitor with 1500 l/min water extinguishing capacity. The monitor is supplied by an external pump unit.
The 26 devices were purchased by the SCDF - Singapore Civil Defense Force. The firefighting robots can be integrated into the SCDF "Fire & Rescue Response Vehicle" (see picture below).


LUF Micro Zeitungsbericht