Outside facade of a cinema catches fire

Trash container fire causes fire of the outer facade of a cinema

In a trash container fire in the outdoor area behind the cinema, the facade started to burn. As a result, smoke penetrated the 1st floor of three movie theaters. Remodeling work was being carried out in the cinema.
The task of the fire department was to ventilate the cinema and to clear the halls of smoke.

Due to the massive smoke, the firefighting robot LUF 60 of the Bereichsfeuerwehrverband Leoben, stationed at the volunteer fire department Kraubath, was subsequently alerted.

After the fire was extinguished, the outer facade was opened in the fire area and checked using a thermal imaging camera. The complete smoke removal of the building could be carried out with the LUF within a short time. "Fire out" was given by the commander of the operation at 17:00 o'clock.