Fire in underground car park: smoke extraction with LUF

Fire in underground car park in Rösrath (Germany)

On May 6, 2023, several fire department units of the city of Rösrath were alerted to an underground car park in the center of Rösrath. There was a fire in an underground car park.

Immediately, two firefighting teams under breathing protection were sent to inspect the area. At the same time, the residential and commercial building above was partially evacuated. In the course of the investigation, the entire underground car park was searched, as well as the ventilation systems and the technical rooms. Finally, a smoldering fire was detected in the engine compartment of a vehicle parked there. First, the area was cooled and the smoke extraction of the underground car park was initiated. To support this action, the LUF 60, fire-fighting robot, of the Cologne Volunteer Fire Department was alerted.

Facebook Post of the fire department