Burning Silo

Flour fire in silo

In Gehlenberg (Germany) the content of a silo caught fire. The silo had a volume of 155 m³, and was about half filled with dried fermentation residues from a biogas plant. For as yet unknown reasons, the flour stored there had caught fire.

The firefighters involved secured fire protection with 2 C-pipes, and started to empty the silo by means of a screw conveyor. However, this only brought short-term success, as large solid lumps of burnt flour formed in the silo. Holes were then cut in the silo in order to transport the flour out by wheelbarrow. There was not enough room for a conveyor belt or other equipment. With crowbars and similar tools, the firefighters tried to break up the lumps.

After the silo was cut open further and further, the last huge lump of burnt flour also came loose, which was then cut into pieces suitable for wheelbarrows with a chainsaw in order to cart it outside as well.

Approximately 70 m³ of material was moved outside and extinguished with shovels and wheelbarrows during this operation.