Fire in secondary school: LUF Micro in operation

Arson: Secondary school in Rankweil / Austria damaged

Unknown suspects set fire to the garbage station at the Rankweil secondary school in the night to Sunday (01.11.2020). The flames quickly spread to the school building. The heat caused windows to break and the roof of the entrance area collapsed. The fire caused extensive property damage.

"When the fire departments from Rankweil, Zwischenwasser, Götzis and Meiningen arrived, the roof had already collapsed, the steel girders had sunk because of the great heat. Thanks to the rapid deployment, a further spread to the main building could be prevented. In the school building the new small and very agile LUF Micro was used for the first time. With the LUF Micro the interior could be blown smoke-free very quickly" describes the head of operations Patrick Muellner.