Fire in Koralm tunnel: 13 workers rescued

Fire in Koralm tunnel: LUF 60 with extinguishing train in action

In a tunnel construction site of the Koralm Railway near St. Paul in Carinthia/Styria in Austria, a tracked vehicle started to burn on Saturday. Thirteen men had to rescue themselves three kilometres from the inside of the tunnel. The fire was extinguished. Nobody was injured.


Fire in the Koralmtunnel on 19.03.2016

There was already a fire in Koralmtunnel in 2016. On the construction site in the Koralmtunnel, a hydraulic unit may have started to burn, there was strong smoke. Twelve workers were able to escape from the tube with the rescue train on which the LUF 60 is positioned.


Local TV report: Fire on Koralmtunnel construction site