LUF MULTI – field of application

Fast installation and deinstallation of a water supply or a water removal system for flood control over several kilometres.

The LUF Multi with booster pump scores especially thanks to its ability to be used in terrain that is difficult to access.

The inclinable telescopic forklift mast at the front of the machine can be extended up to 2 m and is equipped with a folding fork with a load capacity of 2.5 tons. This fork enables a submersible pump to be set down in places that are difficult to access, such as a harbour basin secured by railings.

The machine got a 300 HP (230 kW) diesel engine. An external submersible pump feeds the machine with water and an integrated booster pump generates an output of up to 6000 litres of water/min at 10 bar.

A flexible hose collecting and laying system was created on a crawler chassis with the aid of the hose winding device that can be attached to the forklift mast and a storage box transported on the forks. 6 inch hoses as well as 12 inch hoses can be wound up or laid. Loading of up to 500 meters of 6 inch hoses is possible. The hoses are collected in a storage box which also allows the hoses to be laid through an opening at the back of the box.

Technical data

Length2.400 (mm)
Width1.910 (mm)
Height1.720 (mm)
Own weight (without hose reel)3.365 (kg)

Diesel engineDeutz V6 300 PS (230 kW),
Diesel tank120 Liter
Hydraulic tank30 Liter
Driving speed0—4,0 km/h
Water pumpstepless booster pump,
6,000 l/min at 10 bar pressure increase
Water supply1 x 6" Storz Ø150mm,
with non-return valve
Water outlet1 x 6" Storz Ø150mm,
with non-return valve
Remote control Rangeapprox. 300 m

Wasserversorgung China LUF Multi am Schlauch wickeln_1920
LUF Multi Power Blower Winter
Wasserversorgung China LUF Multi_1920
LUF Multi Power Blower im Einsatz
Youtube LUF MULTI 12 Zoll
LUF Multi Power Blower im Einsatz nahe
LUF Multi Power Blower Düsen
LUF Multi Power Blower Wasser
LUF Multi Power Blower Vorbereitung
LUF Multi Power Blower im Schaum
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