LUF micro – field of application

Built with a lot of technology in a minimum of space, the LUF Micro ensures low-damage firefighting with enormous extinguishing power.
It enters standardised security doors and elevators to access residential complexes, underground railways and shafts, where extinguishing work can be carried out with a maximum of efficiency and minimal damage of the infrastructure.
Check out our LUF Micro video page.

Technical data and reports

length1.250 (mm)
width780 (mm)
height1.500 (mm)
weight550 (kg)

diesel engine25 PS
 foam tank8 Liter
water tank35 Liter
number of cylinders3

LUF Micro Zeitungsbericht
LUF Micro Zeitungsbericht
LUF Micro Schaum
LUF Micro Schlauchbox
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