LUF Car Rescue Vehicle

LUF CRV – Vehicle recovery


The LUF CRV (Car Rescue Vehicle) is a new development which was designed for the removal of conspicuous or already burning vehicles from underground garages, parking garages, etc. The LUF CRV is a recovery vehicle and a tank fire-fighting vehicle in one. Therefore it has a lot of advantages and can be used universally.

  • Crawler Track
    With the strong crawler track, it is no problem for the LUF CRV to tow heavy cars or vehicles. The crawler chassis also reduces the floor impact to a minimum. The LUF CRV can also perform a stationary rotation, which is a great advantage in very tight spaces. This makes the machine very maneuverable even under full load or during towing.
  • Compact design, low overall height
    The LUF CRV has a height of 1830mm and a width of 1820mm. Therefore it is able to drive into almost any underground or multi-storey parking lot. This allows the LUF CRV to be used in all hazardous areas.
  • Specially designed lifting mast
    The lift mast of the LUF CRV was developed specifically for this application. The enormous maneuverability, the high lifting power and the proprietary extinguishing technology are the heart of this lift mast. The following features characterize this lift mast:
    - Lifting height 800mm
    - Lifting force 1800kg
    - Forward inclination 8
    - Inclination reverse 27°
    - Pivot (left / right) 40°
    - Integrated cable winch, tractive force 2000kg, cable length 15m
    - Built-in high pressure extinguishing nozzle technology
    - Universal usable attachments
  • Own extinguishing technology
    With the built-in 500 liter water tank and the 30 liter foam tank, the LUF CRV works like a water tanker. The water-saving high-pressure extinguishing system with 30l/min, with a pressure of 180bar, is the core of the extinguishing technology.
    This extinguishing technology serves on the one hand to protect the own vehicle and on the other hand to protect buildings or infrastructure from excessive heat. With the help of the additional spray lance, the rescue team has an additional operational radius of 20m to spray foam onto the burning or conspicuous vehicle.
  • Special attachments
    The attachments are lightweight and can be changed very quickly, effortlessly and without additional tools.
    Towing goggles:
    The hydraulic towing goggles specially developed for the LUF CRV facilitate the towing of vehicles that have become conspicuous without damaging them. Especially the telescopic push frame makes it easier to pick up the vehicles. In addition, the vehicle overhang of the different car models is compensated. Also, the towing goggles have their own swivel joint, which allows the goggles to be swiveled sideways by 40°. In combination with the swiveling lifting mast, the towing goggles can be swiveled 80° sideways. Due to the above-average swivel range, the LUF CRV can recover almost any vehicle without damage, even in the tightest of spaces.
    Fork Extensions:
    The fork extensions are a very useful tool, which are always carried along with the equipment. On the fork extensions can also be mounted a towing plate or appropriate claws. These tools are mainly used to recover "burning vehicles".
  • Operation
    The LUF CRV is operated by radio remote control as standard. The range of the radio system is up to 300m. Due to the radio remote control, the operator always has an optimal view of the recovery. All functions can be operated via the radio remote control. The LUF CRV can also be operated manually from the control panel without radio remote control (emergency or manual operation).
  • Powerful drive unit
    The machine is hydraulically driven by a 60kW diesel turbo engine. The special air filter system enables the vehicle to work even in heavily smoky rooms or areas. This drive technology has been used very successfully worldwide for many years in the well-known LUF60. The powerful diesel engine also makes it possible to operate the LUF CVR for several hours without interruption.

Technical data

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LUF Car Rescue Vehicle CRV (6)
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LUF Car Rescue Vehicle CRV (2)
LUF Car Rescue Vehicle CRV (3)
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