LUF 60C - Area of application

High end technology in a compact package.

Tricky applications in narrow buildings are no problem for the compact version of the LUF 60.
For fire fighting, a powerful booster pump provides 1800 litres of water per minute at 10 bar.

With a width of 1150mm and a height of 1900mm, the LUF60C manages to pass through all standardized European emergency exits. It was designed for underground shafts, warehouses etc. and convinces with the same technology as the LUF 60 and a pumping capacity of around 1800 litres of water/min at 10 bar.

With the 100 hp diesel engine installed in the remote-controlled fire-fighting support vehicle, penetration to the source of the fire is no problem even under the tightest conditions.

From up to 1800 litres of water per minute, billions of tiny water particles are thrown to a distance of more than 60 m. The water is then heated to a temperature of up to 1,500 °C. The water is then heated to a temperature of up to 1,500 °C. The use of foam with a throwing distance of around 35 m is possible at any time.

The mobile all-rounder impresses with its high stability, overcoming stairs and ramps, and provides a maximum extinguishing effect when space is at a premium. Even pushing aside obstacles such as cars is a no brainer.

Technical data

length2.000 [mm]
width1.150 [mm]
height1.900 [mm]
weight1.750 [kg]
diesel engineKubota 100 hp (74 kW),
4-cylinder, water-cooled
diesel tank60 litres
hydraulic tank40 litres
driving speedmax 4,5 km/h
water pump2-stage centrifugal pump, Bronze / stainless steel, 1,000 litres/min at 15 bar pressure increase or 10 bar
water cannon360 nozzles 15-20 bar, hydr. height adjustable, water flow rate, max 400 litres/min, throwing distance 60 m, 3" water connection in the centre of the fire cannon
ventilator35 kW, volume flow 90,000 m³/h, 165 km/h
water feed3 x B-Storz with non-return valve and 6 mm pre-filter
water filters100 mic, stainless steel
HD connectionPN 40
work lamps2 pieces (standard) 24V, 35W HI Beam Xenon headlamp
climbing ability30° - Stairs and ramps
remote controlRange approx. 300 m


throwing distance approx. 35 m
Water throughput up to 800 ltr/min

Accessories: HEAVY FOAM TUBE

throwing distance approx. 70 m
Water throughput up to 3000 ltr/min

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