LUF 300 - Field of application

Built for large fires and difficult operations, the LUF 300 fights fires with water throwing distances of up to 85 meters.

The machine is powered by a 300 HP diesel engine. A booster pump installed in the extinguishing robot delivers 5500 liters of water per minute with 8 bar output pressure at the monitor nozzle.

The extinguishing cannon with an integrated monitor nozzle can be raised to a height of up to 4 meters. The fold-out arm to which the extinguishing cannon is attached can be folded out up to 180°. The extinguishing cannon can be rotated up to 270°, allowing maximum flexibility of the machine in the most difficult firefighting scenarios.

The crawler undercarriage allows precise driving and turning maneuvers with high stability and can remove moving obstacles like cars if necessary.

Operations in extreme heat and extremely low oxygen content in the ambient air are no problem.

Technical data

Length2880 [mm]
Length with mounted Water-Inlet-Adapter (approx.)2960 [mm]
Height Parking Position (Fan in lowered Position)2380 [mm]
Minimal Height (Fan-arm folded out approx. 180° to the front of the machine)2100 [mm]
Height - Maximum (Fan-arm vertically folded out 90°)Fan positioned horizontally: 3880 mm
Fan approx. 45° tilted (max. height): 4100 mm
Self-weight4150 kg

diesel engine300 HP (223 kW) Deutz, 6-Cylinder Intercooler
diesel tank140 litres
hydraulic tank55 litres
driving speedup to 5 km/h
water pumpBuilt-in Pump Bronze, approx. 120 kW,
5500 l/min at 8 bar outlet pressure
Water CannonTilt / Rotate: 270°
water feed1 x 6'' Storz Ø150mm OR 4 x 2,5" with check valve
water filters10mm x 10mm grid
work lampsLED
remote controlRange up to 300 m

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