LUF 120 Fire Fighting Robot

LUF 120 - The powerhouse

Field of application

Built for large fires, the LUF 120 fights fire with up to 18,000 litres/min water output in the main monitor.

The machine is powered by a V6 450 hp diesel engine. Two hydraulically operated water pumps installed in the machine ensure an enormous throwing distance of the water towards the source of the fire.

With a 350° rotatable and +20° to +80° vertically adjustable monitor, the remote-controlled fire-fighting support vehicle penetrates to the site of operation under the most difficult conditions, e.g. refinery fires. Large fires are kept under control without risking human lives.

The crawler chassis permits precise driving and turning manoeuvres with high stability and can remove moving obstacles if necessary.

Operations in extreme heat and low oxygen levels are no problem.

Technical data

length3.000 [mm]
width2.000 [mm]
height2.100 [mm]
weight4.300 [kg]

diesel engineDeutz V6 450 PS (330 kW)
diesel tank200 litres
hydraulic tank30 litres
driving speedmax. 4,5 km/h
water pumpCentrifugal pump,
2 pcs. Aluminum pump, seawater resistant
2x 6000 liters/min. at 8 bar or 1x 6000 liters/min. Pressure increase at 14 bar, total flow max. 18,000 litres/min.
monitorHollow beam monitor
350° rotatable, +20° to +80° vertically adjustable
water feed3 x 6'' Storz Ø150mm, with check valve
water filters10mm x 10mm grid
work lamps3 pieces (standard) 24V, LED spotlight
remote controlRange approx. 300 m

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