LUF RAIL DRIVE – field of application

A level crossing or a level track area of 2 metres in length is already a sufficient solution for the LUF RAIL DRIVE. Two experienced persons need less than 5 minutes to get the LUF 60™ on track. The 2-way rail travel device consists of 2 axles, whereby the front axle is mounted with 3 bolts to the 3-point hydraulics of the LUF 60™ and the back axle is mounted with 4 bolts directly to the LUF 60™. The assembly is carried out away from the track - the axles are in the raised position at this time and the machine can be controlled after positioning on the track as usual.

When the LUF 60™ is in position, the axles are hydraulically lowered onto the rails and are ready to move.

  • Drive: Hydraulic power LUF 60™
  • Speed: 40 km/h (max.)
  • Weight: 120 kg/axle
  • Brakes: service brake via drive motor, parking brake on both axles for parking position
  • Wheel profile (standard): UIC-ORE standard profile
  • Axles: lifting (for normal operating mode - traveling on chains) and lowering (for rail traveling mode) via LUF hydraulic system 60™