Company Presentation & Philosophy

We are the company LUF Ltd. located in Thüringen, Austria. With 12 local employees and about 10 employees who work for suppliers of the company, we manufacture state-of-the-art fire-fighting support vehicles and pump systems for the fire service for worldwide export. In addition, all-terrain wheelchairs with hybrid drive are produced in order to offer people with a limited mobility the opportunity to move away from the road and into nature.
The company LUF Ltd. exports approx. 97% of its products outside Austria. About 20% are exported to Europe, about 30% to China and approx. 50% to other asian countries.

The company philosophy is to focus on what the market has and what the market needs. The company should grow step by step, whereby the quality of LUF products has the highest priority.
100% self-financing stands for the high value of LUF's independence.

LUF GmbH Firmenaufnahme


1896 Foundation of Johann WALTER's metal workshop

1919 Foundation of Fidel WALTER's workshop

1938 Launch of WALTER's fire brigade water pump


1998 Foundation of RECHNER'S LÖSCHSYSTEME and prototype of the LUF 60™

2000 Start of the serial production of LUF 60™

2001 50 MW Real Test "MALDINA Industrial Plant"
35 MW Real Test "ARLBERG Tunnel"

2002 100 MW Real Test "Röfix Tunnel"
LUF60 extinguishes a burning lorry in the "AMBERG Tunnel"
Launch of RAIL-KIT for LUF 60™ tunnel operations

2003 Use of cable drum fire in "Pfänder Tunnel"

2004 35 MW Real Test "Blisadona Tunnel"
Use of LUF 60™ in major fires in industrial plants
Use of LUF 60™ in case of fire in paint shop

2005 Launch of additional fan 35 KW for LUF 60™

2006 Launch of Rechner's RAIL-SHUTTLE
Launch of Rechner's TRANSPORT TRAILER

2007 Launch of Rechner's flood pump

2009 Launch of the 2nd generation LUF 60™
Launch of the new product group LUF-Bush-Fighter™
Product presentation at the fair "Elmia Wood" in Sweden.
Launch of the compact fire-fighting support vehicle LUF 30™

2010 Launch of Rechner´s hose reel

2012 Launch of H2O water pumps modular system

2013 Development of the 1st prototype LUF Mobil™

2014 Renaming of Rechner´s GmbH into LUF GmbH

2015 Launch of the LUF 120™, LUF 60™ Compact and H2O Multi™

2017 New generation of long-distance water supplying equipment

2018 Development of the LUF Multi™ 12 inch with hose winding device
Development of the LUF Micro™ fire fighting machine

2019 4th generation of LUF Mobil™ as hybrid model