LUF Multi – Operation Area

LUF's newest all-rounder of the water supply systems is the LUF Multi. This machine can be easily used for constructing as well as deconstructing a water supply over several kilometers and also for dewatering of flooded areas. The radio remote controlled machine, based on the LUF technology scores at locations, where the navigation of trucks or cars is almost impossible.

A telescope-forklift with tilt function and foldable forks, located on the front side of the machine, can be extended up to 2 meters and is able to lift about 2.5 tons. Due to this forklift it is possible to drop a submersible pump at inaccessible water intakes, for example at a harbor basin secured with a railing.

Through this heavy submersible pump, the machine can be supplied with water and the integrated booster pump increases the performance up to 6000 l/min at 10 bar. The compact machine is driven by a 236 HP (174 to 200 kW) strong and robust diesel engine.

With the aid of the removable hose wrapping fixture on top of the telescope-forklift and a transported storage box upon the forklift, a flexible hose collecting and laying system has been established - collections up to 600m hose are possible. Due to this facts, the hoses are getting collected in a special hose-storage-box, which has an opening on the back side for hose laying.

HERE you can download the LUF Multi Prospect.

Additional Options:


2-3 Piece Power-Blower 300