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LUF 120™ – Operation Area
Strong fires need a strong machine

The fire-fighting supporting machine LUF 120™ is the leader at the fire-fighting procedures.

This machine has been built for large fires with an extinguishing-capacity up to 18.000 liters water per minute through the main monitor.

Motorized is the machine with a 450 HP V6 diesel engine. The two pump units inside the machine are hydraulic driven to throw the water out of the main monitor in the direction of the seat of fire.

The radio remote controlled fire-fighting supporting machine LUF 120™ operates even in most difficult circumstances of large fires, for example refinery fires.

The 350° rotating and +20° till +80° vertical adjustable main monitor enables the operation units to get the situation under control, so the rescue teams can follow safely right up to the seat of fire.

High mobility as well as flexibility is guaranteed by a crawler track system which is easy capable of “bulldozing” a moveable barrier out of the way.

Even though the solid construction, all components are accessible and maintenance-friendly. The construction of the machine allows operations at extreme heat and low oxygen of the ambient air.