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15 years of practical experience with fire-fighting machines made it possible to put LUF technology under even tighter spaces.

LUF 60 Compact™

The fire-fighting supporting machine LUF 60 COMPACT™ convinces with a lot of technique on little space. With its measurements it is possible to drive through all European standardized emergency exits.

The unit with its external measurements is perfect for tricky operations in confined space, for example underground stations, warehouses, etc. The compact version of the LUF60 especially scores with the same technology like the LUF 60 and with a pump performance of approx. 1800 l/min at 10 bar pressure.

The machine gets its power from a 100 HP strong and robust diesel engine. Due to the remote controlled fire-fighting supporting machine LUF 60 COMPACT™ it enables the operation units to get through the seat of fire, even in difficult situations.

Up to a distance of about 60 meters a “water beam fog” produces billions of tiniest water particles. If the use of foam is needed, the LUF 60 COMPACT™ can be switched into this mode at any time. The distance of the foam is about 35 meters.

High mobility as well as flexibility is guaranteed by a crawler track system, which enables it to go up and down stairways as steep as 30° and is easy capable of “bulldozing” a normal family car out of the way.

Even though the solid construction, all components are accessible and maintenance-friendly. The construction of the machine allows operations at extreme heat and low oxygen of the ambient air.

The mobile all-rounder takes the operation unit through tough situations right up to successful operations, offers great extinguishing effects and secures the operation units at a large number of their tasks.